Saturday, July 19, 2014

The best laid plans of mice and men

Well, I am at a fork in the road about pursuing my RN while working. I had planned on doing an online program with a local college to bridge to RN. The school decided to not accept anymore students and is doing away with the program entirely. Sigh.....
I don't want to stop working and give up our family's insurance to go back to school full time. Maybe there is something wrong with me, but at 51, I know my longevity in this field is going to be approximately 15 years, if that long.
I don't have that, "I'm a failure because I don't have an RN beside my name." syndrome. But I do, at times, get that, "I'm an RN, you're an LPN" differential attitude. Sounds crazy, but I really don't mind the taking orders aspect of the job. Let it be somebody else's call, and therefore, their own responsibility. I have had plenty of being in charge of everything in my life and I'm here to set the record straight: It's completely overrated.
My youngest turns 11 next month; my middle son just turned 19, and my oldest is 29: if the two younger ones want to go to college, then I can afford to send them and pay off my student loans. I know, it sounds so practical, but essentially that's my job....a practical nurse.

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