Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I took the NLN.....

And lived to tell the tale. It was a 3-hours siege on my nerves. No calculator, can't take your coat off it you get hot, so better take it off before you go in. But, I got through it. 

I knew I would reek in math, and I wasn't disappointed. The verbal part saved me on that, and the science? Well, some of it I hadn't had in A & P yet. So, I guessed. I'm not going to spill my score because so many others were far better than me, but I will say....I got the rolling admission!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It boils down to 1 test

High noon, January 24, 2011, I will be taking the NLN exam in hopes of qualifying for my school's nursing program. In case you haven't heard, I was 5 points short of the rolling admission from my ACT score. It wasn't a bad showing for 30 years, but it wasn't enough. Thankfully, my college will allow you to take the NLN in hopes of a better score, and they will take the better of the two scores. 
I'm more nervous about the math than anything else as it has been my Achilles' heel for most of my life. But I DID get through Algebra, so it shouldn't plague me so.
Anyway, just wanted to update. Will write more after I get my results. Pray for me! I need a great percentile to get accepted this fall.

Friday, January 7, 2011

And so it begins : Anatomy & Physiology II

Another semester with Michael Phelps through Anatomy & Physiology? Well, I wish he were part of the bargain. It might make it a lot more enjoyable. I've checked Blackboard to see if my new teacher has posted a syllabus and what, if any, reading she has assigned. I'll say this: she's thorough. The semester doesn't technically start until Sunday, and she has the entire semester's PowerPoint on the website. Also, all of the lab. I'm one of these people who has to get all my assignments on Outlook so I don't have those nightmares of not being prepared for class. I got a B in A & P I, but I feel I should have/could have gotten an A. This semester will undoubted prepare me for Micro, which I heard can make you lose your religion ...fast. Our first unit: Blood!
Any studying tips for A & P II are appreciated!