Friday, August 26, 2011

The more you learn, the more you realize how much more you have to learn

And I've never felt this was true as much as this week! My first day was this past Wednesday,  August 17th, and no, I didn't sleep at all! I kept having that dream of being late so, I checked my clock on the half hour.

We made our way in, 60 of us in this particular class; all ages, shapes, colors, nationalities were accepted.  I had gathered all the paperwork we had to present for admission for months, terrified I had forgotten something important. All three semesters met in an auditorium and we were welcomed by our upper classmen.
Our main speaker was very enthusiastic and it was the first time I had seen her smile since my journey began. It was great knowing that others had sat where I was sitting and were about to graduate.

First, we began to go over syllabi, exam dates, and how to use the online resources. Then we started talking about clinical dates, uniforms, back up plans for transportation, etc.

Monday was the LONGEST DAY EVER! I was there from 8 am until 4pm. My brain hurt when I got home, and then the headache started. I was very glad to have the following Tuesday off as it's a future clinical day. Wednesday was almost just as long...just til 2:00. Thursday is lab/lecture, so its an abbreviated pharmacology day, 8:00 til 10:00. I was off today, but spent most of it working on my required online class.