Monday, February 11, 2013

On to the NCLEX

So, it's down to this. This one little test. Well, not really "little". It can be as "few" as 85 questions, or as many as 205 on the NCLEX-PN. Am I terrified? Is the pope stepping down? Terrified doesn't quite cover it.
I've been working at a private duty nursing place since May of last year, and now that I'm not in school, I've been working full-time.  When my patient is taking a nap, I catch a few pages.   Also studying at night when I get home. Our school had us purchase a review package from a "nameless" company. It was very expensive, and not very worth it as far as I can tell. I'm getting more out of my Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX PN Examination-4th-editionMosby's NCLEX- RN Review Cards,  and some old ATI books a friend who passed NCLEX gave me. It's weird, now that I'm out of school, I don't feel so stupid when I do these assessments and practice tests.
I've read every "plan" out there, but I'm hoping I picked the right combination of resources. You might be wondering when I'm taking it. Well, keep wondering. That's setting myself up for pressure I don't need. How about I just let you know WHEN I PASS?


  1. LOL I wasn't going to tell anyone when I took the NCLEX too. But you will pass it and you will be a nurse! Good luck!! Make sure to do the PearsonVue trick after you take the test, it doesn't really take all of the stress out of the not knowing,because the only thing that does that is the official result. But since you will feel like you failed even if it shuts off at 85, getting the good pop-up provided me with some comfort. I did the trick for LPN and RN and it worked for me! :-)

  2. Saunders review was the only book I used to prepare for my NCLEX, a great resource! The test is doable, just take a deep breath and believe in yourself, good luck to you!