Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm in !!!!!!!

Despite the whole world going to hell in a hand basket around me with war, weather woes, and political mayhem, I received a call from my school. They offered me a shot at this fall's LPN class!!! So, I went today to fill out my intent form. The Pickle had to go with me as Hunnybunny was on a job. Could have rolled over and died when I was talking to the administrator, a very no-nonsense chick, and my 7 year old is removing the lid to the evaluation bin! She got on to him, and I wanted to die. Of all days, why did it have to be today that he acted like a 7 year old??
Anyway, I am stoked, scared, and very, very tired of studying for finals this week. I wrote a paper on JFK the movie for my humanities class and I have back to back finals on Sunday in anatomy and physiology plus a lab final. Joy, joy......
but still- I'm "walking on sunshine"!

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