Thursday, May 5, 2011

Surviving A & P II

 So, finals are done and we all survived them. Anatomy and physiology just about killed me. Half the test was over endocrine and reproduction, and then the rest was cumulative. It's fairly sadistic to do that to students. But they do it. I felt like the class is what I would call a "weeding out" class as it started with 34 students and we ended up with 22. If you don't pass with at least a C, you have to repeat the course. So, a lot of people decided to end it before they choked on a bad grade. My crowd did pretty well, and my study partner, an LPN herself, kicked butt and took names. Afterward, we all felt like we had been prisoners in a war who were finally released. It appears I  got a C, which is fine with me.   I have a Russian friend I've been in school with for awhile who pulled straight A's. She had a 32 on the ACT, so she was rolling admission for the RN program. She's really a sweet lady, and has taught me so much about her culture. Hard to be envious of anybody that works that hard.

I'm taking the summer off to ride bikes with my kid and generally goof off. I have a few notebooks from my friend the LPN as she graduated from the program where I am headed. I also got some textbooks from a local trade in store in dosage, pharmacy, medsurge, and the actual NCLEX-PN book from Saunders. So far, I've noticed that the A & P is rehashed throughout the courses. Really, really, really glad I passed.

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