Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sticker shock!

No, these aren't all my books, but pretty close. Fact is, I'm still buying them. Wow, they told me I'd have to sell a kidney to pay for school, but I don't guess I fully believed them. So far, I am up to $206. That amount was six books I found on Amazon. I still have $500 more to come up with in books and supplies. I hope the subsequent semesters aren't this expensive.
    Thankfully, I had the foresight to get my laptop when I started prerequisites, and even got one of these: 

It's been pretty handy on this traveling thing I've done this year. And it looks like it will spare my back.


  1. Excellent! Wow, I think I have every single one of those books. Ugh, I'll be so happy when this schooling thing is done. Can I get an AMEN?

  2. Hi Beth,
    You should check out
    It's a site that compares prices of all the big used book sites (amazon, ebay, etc) at once to find you the best deal.
    Were you able to use the pharmacology site? I tried printing one of the images at work and it came out so tiny I couldn't read it. Let me know if it did that for you and I'll try to find a better way to post them on Sunday.
    Good luck with school!


  3. I got most of my 1st semester books from what a lifesaver! I would have spent about $1200 on just books -- I saved about $600 buying from this site. And they came timely.

    I love your wheel bag! I got a cheap one at Walmart for $20 -- my hope is that it'll last the semester lol probably not. :)

  4. How is the roller briefcase bag working out for you? I have a roller backpack that I DON'T use because it's awkward to get on and off the train.

  5. Two words:


    You get two years (perfect for my program) free of Amazon prime as a student. I saved over two-hundred dollars just by purchasing on Amazon instead of the campus bookstore. With Prime, you get free two-day shipping. Rather fabulous, really. :)

    I'm also wondering, like Janna, how that roller briefcase is working. I have the hugest backpack I could find, and while it conveniently holds a huge amount of books, I was running around eighty pounds of backpack today. No saying how good that is for somebody.

    Good luck in school, Beth!