Wednesday, November 30, 2016

End of the road.....for now at least

So, I didn't make it this semester. There were lots of variables, but in the end, the problem was me. 
We had a split semester, 5 weeks in OB and the rest med-surg. Our teacher was new to us and the college for OB and I thought she did a great job. However, the board of nursing in my state required that she take some "workshops" since she was new.  Probably should have been done over the summer because then she would have been ready to teach us. However, the main campus, in another city, did not have time to do these workshops. So, we were treated to what they call I-TV. Essentially, you watch on a big television the instructor at the other campus. It probably would have been fine had we EVER had the teachers at the other campus, but no. So, first test....I failed it. I was concerned then, but preserved. Then came the second test, only point higher. At this point, I am reevaluating all my study techniques and wondering how to do get a passing score. Then the third. Same result, although I studied 67 hours. I'm wondering if I'm too old school for I-TV, but I did online classes without any problem. Made A's, in fact.
The material was half a ream of paper printed. And we studied together, family helped, but the 4th test happened Monday, and I failed that one, too. So, I would have to make a 90 on the cumulative final. Since I couldn't even get an 80, the likelihood of getting a 90 was pretty obvious to me: it wasn't going to happen. 
I had asked my husband to not travel that day in case I didn't make it. Of course, he had to. So, I am withdrawing in about an hour. I was not alone: in a class of 20, 6 of us did not make it- so far.
It could've been the 8 hours a week traveling to and from the school, paired with working every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12 hour shifts. And maybe I was too exhausted to get the material in my head. It could be I'm just not cut out to do this. Having a teenager with some medical problems, husband promoted in his job which requires him to travel once a week, and just plain ole trying to keep my job. 
I don't have a clue what is next for me. The class will be offered next September, and if accepted, I can pick up where I left off. Do I really want to go back to this school? They claim they will not be using I-TV, and the teacher I had for OB will be teaching all of it. She was/is an excellent teacher. 
I just don't know what to do for the future, but in the meantime, I guess I will get back to my life. Already got a dentist appointment, (haven't been in a year because of school), and managed to throw out my back yesterday, so I'm going to "nurse" myself back to health.
If I'm going back, and I'm not sure I am, I need to figure out how to memorize LARGE quantities of material, and DEFINITELY get a grip on med calculations. Our class really reeked on that one.
Anyway, thanks for listening. All two of you ;)


  1. Keep your head up! You'll be surprised to find out that when you take it again the material will probably stick. Read HESI NCLEX study guide. The give great outlines. As for calculations. YouTube has a TON of people on there working everything out step by step. I swear you can probably do nursing school on YouTube these days!

    1. Thank you, Darlin'! I appreciate your advice and kind words!