Monday, May 8, 2017

Let's make it as painful as possible.....

So, if you haven't been tuned in, this is the ongoing saga of "Will She or Won't She Return to Nursing school?" Last November, I withdrew from my Med-Surg 2 class. I just couldn't get past a 73 on the exams. After a month of consideration, I decided to try to go back.
There had been 6 of us, from a class of 19, who did not make it. One had decided he was done, and did not want to go back. Another had not completed a prerequisite that she had agreed to, so they said she could not apply.
Then there were four. I started studying with another classmate kind of "online", meaning we lived too far apart to meet up so we Facetime-d, a lot. Not sure if I told you: basically, to get back in, we had to take the final from the PREVIOUS semester that we had already passed. The exact final we had taken a year prior.
It wasn't going in to take the test that was hard, it was facing the class I should have graduated with. I was hoping we wouldn't have to see them, but we had wait outside the door that was across from their classroom. We were invited in one particularly sweet classmate who encouraged us to come in and say hi. Other than 1 classmate, nobody said anything. No eye contact, no looking in my direction. Even the teacher that had encouraged me to come back was a little aloof. I am not sure what I expected, but some I spoke to, (that I had felt we were pretty good friends before) wouldn't even speak.
The four of us went in to take the test. I was surprised that I remembered so much. Ended up with an 84. My friend who studied with me got an 80, but our other two friends didn't make it.
So, now we have a check off. We will draw a skill out of a hat and have to perform it on demand. BUT, before we can do that, we must be voted on by committee to be able to return.  Committee meets tomorrow, (Tuesday), I work Thursday and Friday, and the email I received from the Dean indicated my check off must be done this week prior to faculty going on Summer vacation. I figured they'd make it as painful as possible to return, but they wouldn't even let me tentatively schedule the check off for Wednesday. Sigh......I'll let you know how it turns out.

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